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About Us

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to bridge the gap between biomedical engineering and healthcare IT. We strive to empower professionals in device integration field by providing valuable resources, fostering collaboration, and facilitating knowledge sharing. Through our platform, we aim to drive innovation, promote advancements in healthcare technology, and ultimately contribute to the improvement of patient care and outcomes.

We also help this platform provides members with:
Networking and professional development: our group and the information provided is intended to provide opportunities to network with each other, learn about new technologies, and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the field

Education and training: continuing education is an important part of career development and growth. We stive to provide content that engages members and assist them with growing in the field.
Picture of black female in a suite. This is Rebecca Robinson.

Rebecca 'Becky' Robinson

Biomed IT Pro and Owner of Robinson Technology Services LLC

Ms. Robinson is the founder of Biomed IT Professionals and owner of her family consulting firm, Robinson Technology Services, LLC. She started her career in healthcare technology management working for a large healthcare organization in Northern Virginia. She excelled in developing innovative solutions and providing strategic direction for enterprise initiatives. Over the years, colleagues have called her 'Biomed Becky' and 'Biomed IT Pro'. It is only fitting that she started a community website to support those working in this unique field.

Her passion for healthcare technology has continued through he 20+ year career. Through this community, Ms. Robinson hopes to share her knowledge and learn from others. All skill levels are welcomed and encouraged to subscribe. Let's work together to achieve greatness!!

To learn more about Robinson Technology Services LLC and the services available, please visit www.rtsgrp.net.